An insight into Anderson Education’s upcoming UK Boarding School Exhibition

UK Boarding School Exhibition

The UK Boarding School Exhibition will take place from 12th – 13th November at Grosvenor House Dubai

Anderson Education will be hosting the UK Boarding School Exhibition from 12th -13th November at Grosvenor House Dubai. The expert education consultants at Anderson Education will provide families with help and advise and recommend schools for consideration.

We’ve had the chance to speak with Anderson Education and get an insight into the upcoming UK Boarding School Exhibition and what parents should expect.

Anderson Education
  • Can you tell us about the upcoming UK Boarding School Exhibition?

Our Education Consultants offer families free, impartial, advice and guidance. We have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and when we meet with a family we are able to recommend schools to meet the individual needs of the child and their family.

We take into consideration academic ability, strengths and interests in music, art, drama and sport. Also, location in the UK and type of school (e.g. girls, boys, prep, senior, Sixth Form college). We provide the family with a recommended list of schools, arrange for information to be sent to them, arrange school visits and entrance tests.

The UK Boarding School Exhibition will provide the opportunity for families to talk to over 21 schools, find out what they have to offer and the many opportunities. The schools attending offer a variety of subject options eg A Levels, IB, BTech. There are schools with sporting academies namely football, golf, swimming, rugby and equestrian for both boys and girls.

Our Education Consultants will be able to suggest which schools a family should speak to if they need a little help.

Anderson Education
  • Why do you recommend parents send their child to a boarding school?

We have been working with families and bringing the UK Boarding School Exhibition to the UAE since 2006. The reasons that families consider a boarding school education for their child has not changed. Stability of education if they move frequently, stepping stone to university to gain independence and confidence, breadth and depth of learning support available and for training and development for students with a sporting or musical talent.

  • How does attending a boarding school benefit parents and their child?

Benefits explained in reasons above – Provides stability, academic excellence and a wide range of extra-curricular activities for the child. If a work situation means that a family has frequent moves they are assured that their children have stability, make friends for life and enjoy the boarding experience.

UK Boarding School Exhibition
  • What steps do boarding schools take to prepare children for life after school?

Most schools have a comprehensive programme from the age of 16 to provide knowledge and guidance for students making decisions about what path they would like to follow after leaving school. Whether that is a university course, gap year travel or employment. They will have a dedicated tutor who will support them for the final two years of school; there are opportunities in those final two years to take positions of responsibility, leadership and teamwork in the school environment.

  • Has there been an increase in the number of parents from the UAE sending their child to UK boarding schools?

We have recorded a year on year increase in families considering the option of a UK boarding education for their children. This increased trend accelerated due to the COVID pandemic. Boarding schools in the UK adapted quickly to the situation and provided a safe and secure environment for children with guidelines in place to ensure that the school community adhered to COVID safe practice.

This included house group bubbles, staggered break and meal times and quarantine arrangements for children arriving from overseas. The number of children having to learn remotely was limited, children enjoyed use of the facilities and social time with their peers.

  • Any piece of advice you would want to give parents thinking of registering their child at a boarding school?

Visiting the exhibition is a good first step and a great opportunity to gather lots of information. Talking to our Education Consultants will help to determine your criteria and what you should be looking for. Have a realistic view on what type of school and environment would suit your child best and provide the opportunity for them to achieve their academic potential, realise their dream and above all be happy!

Start to plan 18 months before you wish your child to start at a new school, so that you have time to review schools and visit schools in the UK. Providing your child with a UK boarding education is an amazing opportunity and excellent preparation for their future; it’s a financial investment and emotional decision but will be one you will not regret.

To register at Anderson Education’s upcoming UK Boarding School Exhibition visit here 


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