Official UAE National Day celebrations in Hatta on 02nd December


Hatta is home to new global projects

This year’s UAE National Day celebration will be officially be held in Dubai’s Hatta on 02nd December. This has been announced by UAE’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee.

People around the UAE will witness the show live on 02nd December at 5.30 pm. Streaming will take place on UAE National Day website and on local channels. The spectacular theatrical show will take viewers on a journey through the land’s history. It will be open to pubic from 04th until 12th December.

Hatta is home to new global projects which includes construction of a beach and new lake, transportation for the mountain slopes. Hatta is a remarkable historical locale and a vibrant and exciting tourist destination. The city boasts picturesque natural wonders and a scenic landscape. Features dams, lakes and valleys dotted with historical monuments.

The 3000-year-old town, Hatta represents part of the rich history of the UAE. It narrates the story of its people, serving as an optimal location for a show set against a captivating natural canvas.

Last month, celebrations of the UAE National Day kicked off 50 days before the UAE National Day. This was to mark the country’s Golden Jubilee Milestone.

The official 50th National Day celebrations will take place on 02nd December until 14th December.

Tickets for the show runs from 04th December until 12th December.



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