Jebel Ali Beach set to become Dubai’s longest public beach

Dubai's Jebel Ali Beach
Dubai's Jebel Ali Beach

Dubai’s coastline is poised for a significant transformation with the approval of plans for the Jebel Ali Beach development project.

The ambitious initiative will create the longest public beach in Dubai, stretching an impressive 6.6 kilometers along the city’s western shore.

The project, announced on July 7, 2024, will cover a total area of 330 hectares. Of this, 5 kilometers will be developed as sandy beach by Nakheel, while Dubai Municipality will oversee the creation of a 1.6-kilometer mangrove beach. This dual approach aims to provide diverse coastal experiences for visitors while preserving and enhancing local ecosystems.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, in unveiling the plans, emphasized the project’s alignment with Dubai’s broader urban development strategy. “Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, we are committed to developing the infrastructure and services needed to offer diverse urban experiences for citizens, residents, and visitors,” he stated.

The Crown Prince further highlighted the focus on creating spaces rich in beaches, open areas, and recreational greens, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the well-being of the city’s people and cementing Dubai’s position as a premier global destination.

The Jebel Ali Beach project is set to offer a wide array of amenities and activities. Visitors can look forward to dedicated swimming and diving areas, scenic walkways with viewing platforms, and play zones for children.

A key feature of the development is its focus on environmental conservation, with plans for a mangrove ecosystem and turtle rehabilitation programs that will allow visitors to observe these marine creatures in their natural habitat.

This initiative is part of a larger masterplan aimed at expanding Dubai’s public beach offerings. Sheikh Hamdan revealed that the overall goal is to increase the total length of beaches in the emirate by an impressive 400%, significantly enhancing recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike.

The Jebel Ali Beach development comes amid a series of ambitious projects reshaping Dubai’s urban landscape. Recent announcements include plans to expand the Dubai Metro to 140 stations covering over 228 square kilometers by 2040, more than doubling its current coverage. Additionally, plans are underway to transform Al Maktoum International Airport into the world’s largest capacity airport, with a projected capacity of 260 million passengers.

The project’s timeline and specific completion date have not yet been announced, but anticipation is already building for what promises to be a landmark addition to Dubai’s coastline.


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