Nakheel Mall launches a VR powered escape room experience in Dubai

Nakheel Mall
Features 12 escape rooms, 11 meta-escape rooms and an endless collection of board games

Nakheel Mall is set to offer visitors an unparalleled entertainment experience. Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Rooms Café features 12 escape rooms, 11 meta-escape rooms and an endless collection of board games.

Spanning across 11,000 sq.ft. the unique entertainment zones VR headsets make the escape experience even more immersive.

The board game café has more than 50+ titles for board game fans to explore.

The curated entertainment experience aims to bring families, friends and colleagues for special occasion, team building or a fun day out. It combines cutting edge technology, riddles and puzzles while staying true to the original themes and storylines.

Players can experience the unique and realistic situations, from the famous Alf Laylah Wa-Laylah inspired 1001 Nights Room. A trip down the rabbit hole in an Alice in Wonderland Room. Agatha Christie fans can enjoy the mystery of the Orient Express Room.

Competitive board gamers can explore new titles or enjoy the familiar challenge of well-loved board games.

Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Games Café at Nakheel Mall welcomes players over the age of eight years in groups of up to seven for the escape room experiences.

Price starts at AED 140 per person and visitors must book in advance.

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