K9 JETS Launches Luxury Pet Travel: Dubai to London by Private Jet

Private Jet Travel for Dogs

Pet owners seeking the ultimate in luxury travel for their beloved dogs can now indulge in an extraordinary experience – private jet travel from Dubai to the UK, courtesy of K9 JETS.

This bespoke service allows both owners and their canine companions to fly in unparalleled comfort and style, with combined tickets priced at AED 36,455 ($9,925). It’s a new level of pampering for your furry friends.

The Dubai to London route will offer regular flights throughout 2023 and 2024, with scheduled departures in December, January, April, July, and September. Additional dates will be announced soon, providing flexibility for pet owners.

Prior to the introduction of K9 JETS’ service, pet travel to the UK required adherence to individual commercial airlines’ policies. This often meant that smaller pets could travel in the cabin, while larger pets had to endure cargo or excess baggage arrangements, causing stress and separation anxiety. Now, pet owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their dogs are right by their side during the journey.

To comply with UK government guidelines, all passengers traveling with pets must provide the necessary medical certification for their furry companions. Dogs must remain leashed at all times but can either sit on their owner’s lap or in the cabin.

Check-in takes place at a deluxe private terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport, where a dedicated welcome team and a grassy relaxation area ensure a stress-free experience for both owners and their pets before boarding the flight to their new UK destination.

Starting from Tuesday, 26th September, you can book this exclusive pet travel experience at K9 JETS website.


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