Get a UAE Golden Visa Through Property Ownership

UAE Golden Visa

Unlocking a UAE Golden Visa

Are you curious about how much it takes to secure a UAE golden visa through property ownership? The allure of a UAE golden visa is undeniable.

This coveted visa grants you UAE residency for a substantial period, ranging from five to ten years. What sets it apart is that it liberates you from the constraints of a specific employer and eliminates the hassle of frequent renewals.

With a UAE golden visa, expatriates gain the freedom to live, work, and study in the country, all without the need for a national sponsor. Moreover, you can achieve 100 percent ownership of your business on the UAE’s mainland.

Here’s the exciting part:

Owning property in the UAE can make you eligible for this golden opportunity. If you’re considering a property purchase in the UAE, you’re in luck because it could open the doors to a golden visa.

To qualify, you must own property or properties with a combined equity value of at least Dhs2 million. Once you meet this criterion (congratulations are in order), you can proceed to apply for a golden visa through the Dubai Land Department.

It’s important to note that the AED 2 million property value can be held jointly by multiple individuals, and it doesn’t have to be a single property—it can be spread across multiple properties.

Even if your property has a mortgage, as long as at least AED 2 million of its value has been paid to the bank (with the required No Objection Certificate and paid amount letter), you’re eligible.

Here’s more good news: if you’re married, you and your spouse can jointly own a property, making the process even more accessible.

The documents you’ll need for this process include your passport, an electronic copy of the title deed certificate(s), a photograph, valid health insurance, and an Emirates ID.

In summary, if you’re considering property ownership in the UAE, not only can it be a wise investment, but it can also open doors to a UAE golden visa, offering you a unique opportunity for residency and business ownership in this dynamic and thriving country.


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