Here’s What You Will Pay At The Pump In June 2024

Fuel Price in June 2024

UAE Fuel Prices Drop for June 2024.

The UAE fuel price committee has released the updated petrol and diesel prices for June 2024. These new rates, effective from June 1, bring notable changes to fuel costs this month. Here’s a detailed look at the new prices:

  • Super 98 Petrol: AED 3.14 per litre (down from AED 3.34 in May)
  • Special 95 Petrol: AED 3.02 per litre (down from AED 3.22 in May)
  • E-Plus 91 Petrol: AED 2.95 per litre (down from AED 3.15 in May)
  • Diesel: AED 2.88 per litre (down from AED 3.07 in May)

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