Dubai pays tribute to front-line heroes with a permanent sculpture

Front-line Heroes
A permanent life sized sculpture in Dubai

Dubai aims to pay tribute to ‘Front-line heroes’ from all around the globe.

This art installation will be a part of Dubai Science Park. Designed by the Kart Group, the art installation celebrates the victory and efforts of the heroes in the fields of medicine, security and social work.

How can we forget the selfless work done by front-line staff to protect the community during the pandemic period?

Hand-carved and shaped with styrofoam, it’s finished off with cement-like paint and a metal-textured material to highlight the shaped silhouettes and ensure the piece remains in place for many years to come.

This uniquely shaped, multi-layered art piece consists of 17 panels, all coming together to make an eye-catching tableau of a police officer, nurse, doctor, volunteer and cleaner.

The entire piece can only be seen in its full form from the straight on vantage point, where all layers and cutouts align to create visible silhouettes. From other angles, spectators will only see a large 90-square-metre abstract composition. 

Kart Group hopes that this beautiful piece of public art will be a beacon of compassion, selflessness and hope, designed to serve as a permanent reminder of the importance of communities and our front-line heroes.


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