Dubai Metro Updates: RTA Advisory for Red Line Station Closures and Commuter Alternatives

Dubai Metro

Stay Informed With Dubai Metro Red Line Updates.

Following unprecedented rainfall in the UAE, Dubai Metro continues to experience disruptions, with four stations on the Red Line remaining closed. The resulting crowding at operational stations prompts the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to issue guidance for commuters to navigate the challenges effectively.

Despite ongoing operational issues, the Red Line is partially operational, albeit with certain stations out of service, namely Onpassive, Equiti, Al Mashreq, and Energy. To mitigate inconvenience, RTA advises commuters to adjust their travel times, avoiding peak hours when possible. This recommendation aims to alleviate congestion and ensure smoother journeys for passengers.

For commuters originating from Centrepoint Metro station, RTA suggests transferring at either Business Bay or Al Khail stations. At these interchange points, shuttle buses are available to facilitate onward travel to the next operational station. However, it’s worth noting that some commuters have reported delays due to limited shuttle service frequency.

To manage crowd flow and ensure safety, Metro authorities have implemented measures to regulate platform access. Consequently, passengers may experience wait times exceeding 20 minutes before being granted access to platforms. This strategy aims to maintain order and prioritize passenger safety during peak travel times.

Additionally, commuters should be aware of congestion hotspots, such as the Red Business Bay Metro Station (Al Safa side), which has experienced significant passenger volume during peak hours. This influx of commuters has led to increased traffic congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Al Safa toll gate, particularly towards the World Trade Centre area.

In summary, while Dubai Metro continues its efforts to restore normal operations, commuters are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly, considering alternative travel times and routes to minimize inconvenience. RTA remains committed to providing updates and assistance to ensure a seamless commuting experience for all passengers.


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