5 diet myths busted!

Diet Myths
The world is full of different kinds of diets

We all are so familiar with the word diet and the world is full of different kinds of diets. Some people follow a diet to lose weight, some to gain. Some for health reasons and some for fad. But here are some common myths attached to diets that we are busting today!

Carbs Are Bad

Yes, that is the impression we all generally carry but it is a MYTH. Carbohydrates are the macronutrients that get a bad image but a variety of foods fall under this category and all are not bad for your nutrition. Carbohydrates break down into glucose which is the favoured source of fuel and our bodies need the same to fuel and energise our brain.

Carbohydrates are not the driving cause for your weight gain but the overall intake of calories matters. You may gain weight even if you consume any nutrient in excess amounts. They provide more calories than needed and eventually your body is unable to burn them.

Salt Is Unhealthy

Salt in itself is not the issue but the problem arises with excessive intake of salt which has a drastic effect on your blood pressure. Sodium and Chloride are the two main components of Salt and both have various beneficial properties.

Sodium plays an important part in controlling our blood pressure and for our nerves and muscles to work efficiently. Chloride on the other hand helps maintain your body’s balance of fluids. Hence Salt should not be unnecessarily be avoided by people who do not have any high blood pressure problems. Rather if you restrict your salt intake many of our body functions can play havoc. Just do not take excessive salt in your food.

Saturated Fat Is Bad

Saturated Fats (SFA’s) are considered to have a negative impact on our health especially hearts. As per research SFA’s have no significant association with heart diseases or strokes. Dark Chocolate, Whole-Dairy Products and Unprocessed Meats are some examples of SFA’s that have no relation with increased risk of heart diseases.

Sticking to a balanced diet even while consuming normal amounts of SFA’s is perfectly safe for healthy individuals.

Drinking Juice Is Good

You are forgetting that when you are consuming juice your intake of sugar goes up. It’s all sugar without fibre. A much better option would be to eat a whole piece of fruit and take water instead. You should basically try to use more vegetables and a little fruit while making juice for yourself.

Gluten Free Foods Are Healthier

If you are not having gluten sensitivity or Celtic Disease gluten-free foods are not the healthier choice. A gluten-free diet is practically for people with the above-mentioned conditions and is in no way a weight loss diet. Not taking Gluten will most significantly limit your intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals which play an important role in maintaining your health.

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