4 Interactive Installations By School Children Can Be Spotted At City Walk And The Beach, JBR

City Walk

City Walk and The Beach, JBR Unveil Sustainability Awareness Installations.

Visitors can immerse in the realm of sustainability at City Walk and The Beach, JBR, through four captivating new installations crafted by students in Dubai. These sculptures mark the culmination of a six-month CSR initiative by Merex Investment, aimed at nurturing environmental consciousness among youth.

JBR & The City Walk

Crafted by students from prestigious educational institutions, including Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills and RAFFLES International School, these installations are designed to spark dialogue and action on sustainable solutions aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Led by sustainability artist Christine Iris Wilson, students engaged in a comprehensive program covering topics like the circular economy, water pollution, and fast fashion. Through practical workshops, they repurposed 250 kilograms of waste material, including plastic bottle caps and textile waste, into thought-provoking installations.

Here’s a glimpse of the installations:

City Walk: Bridging the Gap Sculpture

Crafted by students from Collegiate International School and Lycée Français International de l’AFLEC, this installation symbolizes the transition to a circular economy, encouraging innovative design and construction methods.

City Walk: Slow Fashion Buzz Wire

Created by students from RAFFLES International School and RAFFLES World Academy, this interactive installation educates visitors on slow fashion principles through a maze constructed from recycled textiles.

The Beach JBR: Ocean Soundwave Bench

Crafted by students from Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, this bench, made from recycled plastic sheets and palm tree fronds, promotes marine conservation efforts.

The Beach JBR: Starry Badriyeh Moon Sculpture

Designed by students from Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, this sculpture features saltwater-powered LED lights, highlighting sustainable energy solutions and advocating for ocean pollution awareness.

Experience these captivating installations and join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

For more information, visit www.citywalk.ae, www.thebeach.ae

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