Lights, Lasers, Action! Adventure Island JBR Opens in Dubai

Adventure Island JBR

Experience PIXEL and Laser Island at Adventure Island JBR in Dubai.

Experience the thrill at Adventure Island JBR, a groundbreaking indoor adventure arena now open for the first time in JBR, Dubai. Blending dynamic group challenges with immersive gaming, Adventure Island JBR features two distinct arenas: PIXEL and Laser Island.

Exciting Attractions at Adventure Island JBR

PIXEL: Interactive Gaming Adventure

Dive into PIXEL, a unique gaming experience with an immersive LED floor. Step on the dynamically changing shades to score points, but avoid the sizzling reds! PIXEL accommodates 6 players in each of its 2 rooms.

Laser Island: Thrilling Laser Tag Battles

Engage in exhilarating laser tag battles at Laser Island. With action-packed game formats, realistic special effects, and capacity for up to 24 players, it’s the perfect team challenge.

Age Limit and Pricing

  • Suitable for ages 6 and up.
  • Prices start at AED 59 per player for 15 minutes and AED 99 per player for 30 minutes.

For tailored packages and combo deals for PIXEL and Laser Island visit Adventure Island JBR

Adventure Island JBR offers an unparalleled mix of excitement and adventure, making it a must-visit destination for residents and visitors in Dubai. Don’t miss out on the ultimate gaming and adventure experience!

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