57 secs to reach the worlds deepest pool for this free diving champion

Worlds Deepest Pool - Deep Dive Dubai
Free diving champions master the technique of underwater breathing over the years

The worlds deepest pool at Deep Dive Dubai witnessed a new record from Alexey Molchanov. The free diving champion ascended to a depth of 60 metres and returned to the surface in just 57 seconds.

Alexey Molchanov broke all the previous records at Deep Dive Dubai with this feat.

Before performing the feat, Molchanov used a breathing technique called ‘lungs packing’. It allows divers to inflate their lungs with as much as two gallons of air and stay underwater for minutes at a time.

This technique, which the free diving champion has perfected over the years, allowed him to reach the depths of Deep Dive Dubai’s pool in just one breath.

Human bodies require intense training and acclimatization to perform free diving. Experienced divers such as Alexey reduce their heart rate to more than 50 percent to respond to the underwater depths.

Deep Dive Dubai is a unique diving experience. It’s a world-record-breaking facility allowing thrill-seekers to dive into another dimension.

The 60-metre pool is the deepest in the world, allowing everyone to discover the depth of their potential as they also discover an underwater world filled with adventure.

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