Dates for massive Yellow Friday Sale announced by Noon

noon announces its Yellow Friday Sale

More than 50,000 brands will be participating

Calling all shopping lovers – noon has announced its massive Yellow Friday Sale. Are you waiting for that great offer on your favourite electronics? Planning to chance your wardrobe with the new season?

Make sure to mark your calendars as noon will be running massive discounts for seven days. The Yellow Friday Sale is the biggest in noon’s calendar. There will be slashed prices for seven days with 50,000 brands participating.

The Yellow Friday Sale will be running from 22nd November until 28th November with massive discounts. From electronics, home, toys, beauty and fashion, the brand list is never ending.

Neha Choudhary, noon’s VP for onsite operations, said there was plenty to look forward to in the run up to the annual Yellow Friday Sale.

“During the build-up to this year’s Yellow Friday Sale, we will have a huge 11/11 sale and reveal a ton of surprises, including exclusive offers and never-seen-before deals. “This will set us up for 2021’s Yellow Friday Sale which will be the largest one yet.”

noon reported that 5,000 sellers and 50,000 brand would be participating in the 2021 edition of the Yellow Friday Sale

Customers across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will be able to access the noon Yellow Friday sales.

Make sure to save the dates and you can visit noon’s website


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