Bubbles and Balloons Festival Returns At Festival Plaza from 10th – 14th April

Festival Plaza

Festival Plaza To Host The Bubbles and Balloons Festival.

Step into a world of wonder and joy as Festival Plaza, nestled in Jebel Ali, unveils its much-anticipated ‘Bubbles & Balloons’ festival. Back by popular demand, this enchanting event promises an unforgettable holiday experience for families seeking fun-filled adventures. From 10th to 14th April, immerse yourself in a realm of whimsical balloon sculptures and captivating bubble shows, sure to leave you spellbound.

What to Expect: Prepare to be amazed by a larger-than-life fantasy balloon sculpture, meticulously crafted using over 30,000 balloons. Marvel at the intricate details of a majestic dragon and interact with an array of delightful balloon characters scattered throughout the mall. Engage your creativity in exciting balloon-making workshops led by renowned artists from around the globe.

Meet the Artists: Join celebrity balloon artists including Mr. Balloonatic, Doctor Bob, Colin Miles, and Denise van Dooren, each a master in their craft. From Guinness World Records to international accolades, these talented individuals bring years of expertise and joy to audiences worldwide. Get inspired as they showcase their extraordinary skills and share their passion for balloon artistry.

Interactive Bubble Shows: Thrill the senses with daily interactive bubble shows hosted by the renowned Pop the Bubbleman. Combining science with entertainment, Pop mesmerizes audiences with mesmerizing displays of bubbles in various shapes and sizes. Dive into an educational yet fun-filled experience, perfect for children and adults alike.

Event Details:

  • What: Bubbles & Balloons Festival
  • Where: Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali
  • When: 10th – 14th April
  • Time: Activities from 1:00 PM to 9:30 PM daily

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the magic at Festival Plaza’s Bubbles & Balloons festival.

Whether you’re a balloon enthusiast, a bubble aficionado, or simply seeking a memorable holiday outing, this event promises something for everyone.

Mark your calendars and embark on a journey of whimsy and delight at Festival Plaza this holiday season.


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