Maison Tini offers unique, local, handmade products in Dubai

Mums, treat yourself at this new store.

As a truly exclusive shopping destination, Maison Tini in Al Quoz offers all your mother and baby needs in one place. Walking into the showroom is like stepping into a children’s wonderland, complete with rooms and activities and of course a beautiful shopping experience for mom. A fabulous outing for the entire family awaits at this charming bookstore, which offers a cute reading nook, a climbing tunnel, a ball pool, and countless beautiful brands. 

As a team, Tini is dedicated to working with local brands run by good people who strive to innovate and create unique products while still being considerate of the environment and other people. They hope to work with those who are team players and community builders; and who are resilient and adaptable to our ever-changing world.

A community for all young businesses to be seen in one place. Maison Tini offers 40+ local brands in-store and online. It provides a platform for these brands to flourish and make their mark in the UAE. 

Maison Tini in Al Quoz Dubai offers unique, local, handmade products for moms and their little ones!

Maison Tini is set to become one of Dubai’s favorite family shopping experiences this year, offering children’s toys, clothing, furniture, as well as products for moms. So, get going!

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