What Abu Dhabi locations require the Al Hosn green status?

Al Hosn Green status
To gain access in many areas of Abu Dhabi, you require the Al Hosn green status

Based on your vaccination record and PCR results, your Al Hosn app will be active. A number of restrictions have been loosened across the UAE with the ease in Covid-19 protocols.

Amongst these changes include use of face masks, close contacts, capacity for restaurants, travel and Al Hosn green status. If you intend to go to the capital, many areas in Abu Dhabi require the green pass on their Al Hosn app.

In order to have a green status on your Al Hosn app, you have to be fully vaccinate ( two Covid-19 doses and a booster shot). You also need to have a negative PCR test which is valid for 14 days from the take of taking the test.

We’ve listed some of the commonly asked questions by residents of the UAE coming to Abu Dhabi.

Is the Al Hosn green pass required at the border to enter Abu Dhabi from Dubai or other emirates?

If you plan to enter Abu Dhabi, there is no requirement to show your Al Hosn status at the border for residents travelling from Dubai and other emirates. Also the EDE scanners have been removed effective 28th February.

Will I require a green status on the Al Hosn app to enter hotels, bars, shopping malls, public places in Abu Dhabi?

You need to have your Al Hosn app status green if you plan to visit the hotels, bars, shopping malls, medical clinics or public places in Abu Dhabi.


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