Dubai Police: You Will Be Fined AED 400 For Jaywalking In Dubai

Dubai Police

Road Safety Alert!

Dubai Police have taken a proactive stance on road safety. Emphasizing the AED 400 fine for jaywalking and launching a robust public awareness campaign. With a concerted effort to educate the community, authorities have engaged with approximately 79,000 workers from various companies across Dubai this year.

Jaywalking, the act of crossing a road at an undesignated point, is a violation that comes with a AED 400 fine. Dubai Police have been resolute in their efforts to raise awareness, recognizing that it is a significant contributor to accidents, endangering both pedestrians and motorists.

Dubai Police’s educational campaigns included visits to worker accommodations and corporate locations.

Key areas include Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, Dubai Investment Park, and Al Muhaisnah. Educational materials were designed to be easily comprehensible and presented in the native languages of the workers, recognizing the diversity within this demographic, which includes pedestrians, bicyclists, and scooter users.

Key Safety Tips:

  1. Cross roads in areas where you have good visibility of oncoming vehicles.
  2. Use designated crossing points.
  3. Avoid using your mobile phone while crossing the road.
  4. Always ensure the road is clear before crossing.

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