Discover Dubai AI: Your Personalized Digital Guide to the City

Dubai AI

Your Gateway to Real-Time Information

Dubai has unveiled an innovative AI-driven digital platform, known as ‘Dubai AI.’ This platform is a collaboration between Digital Dubai and the Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI) as part of the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI.

‘Dubai AI’ serves as a valuable resource for accurate, reliable information sourced from official channels.

‘Dubai AI’ caters to a diverse audience, including citizens, residents, and visitors. It offers comprehensive information on health, education (encompassing schools, institutes, and universities), tourist destinations, restaurants, transportation, sports, weather, the environment, tourism, aviation, business, real estate, and more aspects related to the city.

The platform is continuously updated with data from authoritative sources covering all sectors within the city.

Employing generative AI, it functions as a personalized digital assistant, delivering real-time responses to user queries in a conversational context, creating a sense of tailored, interactive engagement.

This platform offers users access to up-to-the-minute, personalized data through collaboration with both government and private-sector entities. It harnesses the immense potential of this technology to ensure that users enjoy seamless, customized access to services and information, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

‘Dubai AI’ enables residents, visitors, and business owners to easily access information, making it a vital tool for anyone seeking insights into various sectors in Dubai. It’s a one-stop resource for those looking for reliable data sources in the city. With real-time responses, this platform enhances the experience of accessing information in Dubai, ensuring that users have the latest information at their fingertips.

Experience the future of information access and discover the convenience of a personalized digital assistant that offers accurate data across all sectors. It’s a powerful tool that guarantees customer satisfaction and provides the insights you need to navigate Dubai seamlessly.


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