Burj Khalifa: What do you know about the world’s tallest building?

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Tallest of the supertall!

If you believed that everything is big in Texas, you’ve clearly never paid a visit to the dazzling Dubai. This hi-tech city plans to all out  with everything it does.

Apart from being one of the most richest cities, Dubai is also a home to the tallest building in the world BURJ KHALIFA.

Let’s walk you through some unknown facts about Burj Khalifa

Designed to resemble a flower

Did you ever notice its resemblance as a Spider Lily? Like petals from a stem, the tower’s wings extend from its central core, just like a Spider Lily, so harmonious in its structure.

An abode to the fastest elevator in the world

With a super fast speed of 22 mph, it takes only a minute to reach the observation deck on 124th floor.

Innumerable World Record holder

According to CNN, these additional superlatives include: the world’s tallest freestanding structure, the highest number of stories, and the highest occupied floor.

You need go to Dubai to admire its architecture

Have you witnessed the telescopic “spire” that tops Burj Khalifa? 4000 tons of steel has gone in its making.

The peak of fine dining at At.mosphere

Rising 442 meters from the ground, At.mosphere sits on level 122 of the world’s tallest building, complementing an exquisite array of gastronomical wonders with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf


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