Luxury Villa with World’s First Branded Gym and Spa in Dubai

Belleview Real Estate

A new era of luxury living in Dubai

Belleview Real Estate proudly presents an extraordinary property for sale. Situated within the lush and upscale Al Barari community, this exquisite 17,000 square feet luxury villa redefines opulence.

It boasts a private branded gym and spa—a groundbreaking partnership between Belleview Real Estate and 1Rebel, the renowned fitness brand.

Hailing from London and acclaimed as the “King of Gyms” by GQ Magazine, 1Rebel is celebrated globally for its award-winning designs and groundbreaking fitness experiences. Now, making its debut in Dubai, 1Rebel introduces ‘1Rebel Home’ for the very first time.

This state-of-the-art gym includes an exclusive, on-call personal trainer, ensuring that your fitness journey is personalized and top-notch. Simultaneously, the spa, presented by the innovative brand Klinik Home Spa, offers a range of on-call services to cater to your wellness needs, all within the comfort of your own sanctuary.

Belleview Real Estate, a reputable name in Dubai’s real estate sector, adds this unique gem to its collection. Belleview Real Estate is synonymous with luxury real estate in the region.

Villa d’Este, inspired by the renowned Lake Como hotel, becomes the first private residence in Dubai to boast a private, branded gym. Dubai’s branded residences are gaining popularity, with over 40 such properties scheduled for completion in the next 24 months.

Villa L’Este, now fully revamped and refurbished, introduces the concept of a branded residence to a private villa.


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