Elevate Your Wellness at AURA SKYPOOL: Season 2 Launching in October


Yoga, Balance, and More

As the temperatures cool down in Dubai, AURA SKYPOOL is gearing up to relaunch its wellness program on 02nd October. It offers a range of exciting new classes and experiences in both morning and evening sessions.

After a successful first season, AURA SKYPOOL has not only become a lifestyle destination but a hub for unique wellness and fitness classes. The new season will feature six weekly sessions, including four brand-new classes: Yoga Dance, Sunrise Flow, Balancing Flow, and Yin Yoga Sound Healing.

Led by AURA’s resident wellness coach, these classes will be available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The schedule includes one class at 6:30 am, four classes at 8:00 am, and one evening class at 8:00 pm for those seeking relaxation after a busy day.

Participants will be provided with an AURA mat and towel for class use, an AURA wellness shot to kick-start the session, and a reusable AURA-branded water bottle with infused water to take home.

Discover the new classes where AURA SKYPOOL offers a 360 wellness experience.

  • Dynamic Stretch (Mondays at 8 am)

Experience a unique blend of active joint movements, passive stretches, and partner exercises to achieve greater flexibility. Price: AED 280 per person, including breakfast.

  • Yin Yoga & Sound Healing (Mondays at 8 pm)

Dive into a soothing meditation with Tibetan and sound bowls after gentle stretching postures. Price: AED 180 per person.

  • Balancing Flow (Tuesdays at 8 am)

Nurture inner stillness and discover the power of a strong muscle foundation and mental clarity. Price: AED 280 per person, including breakfast.

  • Sunrise Flow (Wednesdays at 6:30 am)

Harness natural energy through mindful breathing and dynamic yoga to start your day positively. Price: AED 180 per person.

  • Power Fit (Wednesdays at 8 am)

Elevate vitality, flexibility, and mental focus with a vinyasa-inspired class. Price: AED 280 per person, including breakfast.

  • Yoga Dance (Saturdays at 8 am)

Build physical strength, improve flexibility, and enhance mindfulness through Inside Flow Yoga. Price: AED 280 per person, including breakfast.

For more information and reservations, please visit auraskypool.com.

*Please note that pool access is not included in this experience.


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