Here are 5 key factors to accelerate tourism in the UAE

Tourism in the UAE

This is note worthy for the tourism sector

Tourism in the UAE is accelerating with the increase in demand for hotel room reservations. This will soon lead to their near full occupancy.

Tourist Visas

  • The decision to accept tourist visas for people vaccinated with WHO-approved COVID-19 jabs from around the world will take effect. This decision enables many international tourists to visit the UAE and enjoy distinguished tourism experiences and services. UAE’s tourism usually commences from October month.

Expo 2020 Dubai

  • The UAE is preparing to host Expo 2020 Dubai in October, which is one of the world’s largest and most influential events. This ensures UAE as a leading international tourist destination for six months. The expo will play a key role in advancing the UAE’s tourism sector. Its effects will be reflected by the prosperity of many major sectors, most notably tourism, aviation and transport.

The country’s health situation

  • UAE is considered as a safe haven for many tourist around the world. Giving the world confidence in its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and significant precautionary measures. It also leads the world’s countries in vaccine distribution rate and COVID-19 testing.

Prominent stature and confidence

  • The UAE’s hospitality and hotels competitive prices making it affordable for everyone. This increases the growing demand and increase in hotel reservations.

Golden Jubilee

Many tourists are keen to visit the UAE in December to enjoy offers and events coinciding with its Golden Jubilee celebrations. The country is expected to host entertainment, artistic and sports events and programmes during this period.


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