A unique Iftar offering at The Oberoi’s dining restaurant Nine7One

The Oberoi
Experience Iftar from an award winning team at The Oberoi

To delight guests, the award winning dining restaurant Nine7One at The Oberoi has a grand Iftar offering. The culinary team is led by chef Saneesh Varghese brining a unique Iftar to experience with the family.

Nine7One brings you an authentic Arabic, Asian and Western cuisine this Ramadan. Whether you prefer to relax in the sun lit courtyard or prefer enjoying your Iftar indoors whilst watching the chef prepare mouth watering delicacies , the experience is not to be missed.

Get personalized service when you enjoy your culinary delights with family and friends in the open courtyard. You can also try the different shisha flavors available daily from 4.00 pm until midnight.

The Iftar buffet includes specialities from around the globe, especially the Middle East and Mediterranean.

From the Moroccan zaalouk, Turkish kisir, Baakoula, Shirazi salad, Slow-roasted lamb ouzi, live Arabic charcoal grill station, Koobideh kebab, Egyptian Koshari, Usbek plov, Lham bel berkouk to the tandoori chicken are guaranteed to delight you to break your fast.

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to keep room for their Turkish delight shawarma, chocolate fountain, pistachio rolls, homemade Kattayef and Luqaimat.

Your evening mood is set perfect with the live oud player in the beautiful courtyard.

The Iftar experience is priced at AED 220 per person which includes Ramadan juices.

If you prefer the courtyard, prior reservation is required.

For bookings or to knw more about the Iftar at The Oberoi call 04-4441407


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