Spanish Restaurant La Niña Launches Exclusive 12-Plate Dining Experience in Dubai

la nina

La Niña, a renowned Spanish restaurant in Dubai, has launched an exclusive dining adventure called the “La Niña Experience.”

Priced at AED 550 per person, this exceptional offering features twelve plates, each representing a unique journey through the rich culinary heritage of Spanish and Iberian cuisine.


The seasonal menu, curated by Chef Tim Newton, provides a personalized dining experience, combining traditional ingredients with unique textures and techniques to create bold and complex flavors.

The “La Niña Experience” explores the richness of traditional Iberian cuisine, enhanced with zesty Latino spices, making it a must-try for discerning foodies seeking a unique culinary journey.


Available for a minimum of two guests, the “La Niña Experience” is recommended for dinner. Reservations can be made from Sunday to Wednesday until 10:30 PM and from Thursday to Saturday until 11:30 PM.


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