Sharjah travels into the future with Skypods

Skypods in Sharjah
Up to 14 passengers can be carried at the speed of 150kph

Sharjah is blazing with a the first high speed electric skypods network in the UAE.

The (SRTIP) is a vibrant incubation hub for new-age innovators, is developing hi-tech, hi-speed hanging skypods. It can carry people and freights at speeds of between 150 kmph and 500 kmph. Thanks to the new technology developed in-house at SRTIP.

A Belarusian startup, in partnership with SRTIP, has already constructed hanging test tracks that will be able to carry cargo and passengers. The testing of the ‘unicars’ is being conducted on a 2km stretch within the park.

After successful testing, the government will announce construction of its routes within Sharjah city.

This will be the UAE’s first high-speed electric skypod network. The startup has already built a 2km suspended track that will allow pods hanging on a super-strong string rail to travel at high speeds once a full-length line is opened.

Besides being pollution-free, the system offers many other benefits.

  • It consumes much less energy than cars.
  • It is a power-saving solution.
  • It has an electrical motor that can be operated partly by solar or wind energy.
  • By taking the pods aerial, land is preserved for green open spaces.
  • The system is also highly cost-effective.

Compared to the cost of constructing a metro system, the hanging rail is far more economical and space-saving.

The system’s ‘urban light’ track can carry pods of up to 14 passengers at speeds of 150kph. The larger carriages transport passengers in either 48 or 75 capacity pods at 500kmph.

It is also cheaper to build skypods and operate than a magnetic levitation system, such as a hyperloop or a monorail.


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