Schools in Dubai can move to distance learning, regulations by KHDA!

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More precautionary measures are in place!

Schools in Dubai are permitted to move a class, grade or the entire campus to distance learning for a 48-hour period without prior approval. This comes from Dubai’s education regulator Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA ). If students or staff test positive for Covid-19.

As per KHDA, all students above age six and adults in schools in Dubai continue to wear masks properly.

All trips, events and internal gatherings – such as assemblies and performances – must be put on hold including PE lessons. This is a precautionary measure as per the emirates regulator.

Extra curricular activities taking place at the school, either within or outside of school hours, must also be temporarily decommissioned. Cafeterias and canteens must too be closed.

The UAE has recorded an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases recently. The countries health authorities had announced 2,759 new cases as of 09th January,2022


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