RTA Dubai has resumed E101 bus shuttle between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

RTA Dubai

Green status on AlHosn App mandatory

Dubai’s Road Transport Authority ( RTA ) has announced resumption of bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This brings immense joy amongst commuters who travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The operation of this intercity bus service is coordinated with Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport for serving passengers between two emirates.

The E101 route for the bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi would start from Ibn Batutta bus station in Dubai and reach at the Central bus station in Abu Dhabi.

“This route is critical to the integration of mass transit means between the two emirates and the smooth movement of passengers. RTA Dubai stresses the importance of complying with all the applicable precautionary measures, such as physical distancing and wearing of masks to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It calls upon all Dubai Bus and Intercity Bus riders to observe these measures for the public health of the UAE community,” noted Shakri. Riders have to comply with the precautionary measures enforced by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which state that individuals allowed to enter Abu Dhabi Emirate are: Vaccinated individuals whose status is shown as green on Al Hosn App and designated by letter E or Star.

Unvaccinated individuals will be allowed to enter Abu Dhabi within 48 hours of receiving the COVID-19 test result. Riders heading to Abu Dhabi must not use DPI test results to enter the Emirate two successive times. Such requirements must be reflected on Al Hosn App and in compliance with any new precautionary measures that might be introduced by the concerned bodies in the Emirate.


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