Revealed: LY-LA, Dubai’s Newest Speakeasy, Opens its Doors

Dubai's Ly-LA
Dubai's LY-LA

Dubai, UAE – Nestled beneath the culinary haven of Alaya in the bustling Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), lies LY-LA, a hidden speakeasy that offers a unique blend of Golden Age glamour with a modern twist.

Helmed by the renowned Chef Izu Ani, LY-LA extends the Alaya experience into the night with its exclusive and intimate setting.

Alaya is celebrated for its sophisticated take on Mediterranean cuisine infused with Middle Eastern flavors. Below this gastronomic paradise, LY-LA invites the elite of Dubai to indulge in an environment where secrecy and playfulness reign.

The speakeasy is accessible only through Alaya, ensuring an exclusive experience for every guest.

Embracing a Bedouin-inspired decor, LY-LA captivates with its luxurious interiors and an atmosphere filled with mystery and intrigue. This setting is perfectly complemented by a selection of signature cocktails and luxury fizzes, each crafted to tell a story and evoke the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Guests can enjoy unique creations such as the Hakawati Gimlet, which promises to paint dreams on an enraptured heart, or the Dallah Negroni, perfect for setting sail on an Arabian adventure. The Apple of Crete and Nile Mirage cocktails are other highlights, offering guests a taste of ancient myths and the beauty of the Mediterranean.

The speakeasy’s vibe is further enhanced by a carefully curated music selection featuring afro, melodic, and organic house tunes, interspersed with traditional Middle Eastern instruments. This musical blend ensures that every evening at LY-LA is both a discovery and a celebration.

Resident DJs and Weekly Events

Dubai's Ly-LA
Dubai’s LY-LA

LY-LA boasts an impressive lineup of resident DJs, with DJ Anjel setting the mood on Sundays and Mondays, DJ Ray Ro spinning tracks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, DJ Erika taking over on Thursdays, and DJ 3amgeroge closing the week on Fridays and Saturdays. Each DJ brings their unique flair, making LY-LA the go-to destination for late-night revelry in Dubai.

Open daily from 10 PM to 3 AM, LY-LA offers a secluded yet vibrant escape for those “in the know.” Whether you’re looking to end a night with a touch of mystery or start an adventure in the heart of Dubai, LY-LA promises an unforgettable experience.

For those eager to explore this hidden gem, reservations can be made by visiting Alaya’s official website or by contacting the reservations team via email at The contact number for inquiries is +9714 570 6289.


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