Dubai to be home to the first ever luxurious floating hotel

Floating Hotel

Luxury villas offering unique guest experience

The first ever luxurious floating hotel compassing 12 floating luxury villa will soon open in Dubai. This floating hotel will offer guests a unique experience.

There would be plenty of food and beverage options made available along with stunning views of the Jumeirah Beach Road. You can travel to the hotel or villas in a rather offbeat way with either your own boats or a speedboat ahead of your 2023 offering.

Divided into four parts, the main building of the floating palace will be connected in the middle by a glass pyramid. Services will include spas, pools, restaurants, bars, banquet areas and more.

The luxury villas will be connected by pontoons and will be partly available for sale as well as available for rent by hotel guests.

With two floors featuring a roof terrace and infinity pool, the villas of either two, three or four bedrooms, crew and staff rooms and indoor and outdoor living rooms, will have large windows and the features of a smart house.

Solar panels at the villas will help make the villas more environmentally friendly.

Bernold Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of Kempinski Group and Chairman of the Management Board of Kempinski AG said, “The highly innovative project by Seagate Shipyard convinces not only by its high-end technology but also through impeccable style and design”


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