London’s Sexy Fish to Open in Dubai this Year

Sexy Fish
Sexy Fish, London

The renowned London-based restaurant Sexy Fish, known for its high-profile clientele and striking Damien Hirst interiors, has announced an exciting expansion to Dubai, set to open in autumn 2024.

The avant-garde Asian restaurant, specializing in Japanese cuisine, aims to replicate its glamorous atmosphere and culinary excellence in Dubai’s dynamic dining landscape.

Located in the prestigious Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Sexy Fish Dubai will mark the fourth installment of the brand, following successful outlets in London, Miami, and Manchester. This new venture is part of Caprice Holdings’ re-entry into Dubai after the closing of The Ivy in 2016 and represents a significant addition to its portfolio of luxury dining establishments worldwide.

What to Expect from Sexy Fish Dubai

The Dubai outpost of Sexy, which will feature iconic artwork by Damien Hirst, promises to offer the same level of opulence and glamour that its London counterpart is famous for.

Patrons can anticipate a vibrant blend of art, ambiance, and innovative Japanese dishes that have garnered the restaurant accolades and a celebrity following including names like Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

“Dubai has established itself as a global pioneer of innovation, attracting a sophisticated and diverse clientele. We are excited to bring our rich heritage and culinary expertise to a region teeming with potential,” said Richard Caring, Chairman of Caprice Holdings.

The restaurant is strategically positioned in the Innovation Hub tower of DIFC, an area known for its luxurious offerings and high-end clientele. Sexy Fish Dubai will not only offer its signature business lunches and weekend dinner parties but also plans to introduce special omakase menus tailored to the local taste.

This launch is particularly significant for Caprice Holdings as it marks a renewed focus on international expansion, particularly in markets known for their luxury and innovation. The choice of Dubai aligns with the city’s reputation as a culinary hotspot that blends diverse cultural influences with a penchant for luxury.

For updates on the opening and more information, follow Sexy Fish Dubai on Instagram at @sexyfish_dubai.


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