Last Chance to Snap a Picture with Dubai Police’s Tesla Cybertruck

dubai police tesla cybertruck
Dubai Police's Tesla Cybertruck on display at Dubai Hills Mall until July 1

Car enthusiasts and Tesla fans have a unique opportunity this weekend to get up close with the Dubai Police’s latest addition to their luxury patrol fleet: the Tesla Cybertruck.

This futuristic electric vehicle will be showcased at Dubai Hills Mall until July 1, providing a perfect backdrop for memorable selfies.

The Dubai Police General Command officially announced the inclusion of the Tesla Cybertruck to their fleet on June 16, emphasizing the vehicle’s modern, electric, and cutting-edge design.

Photo Opportunities until July 1

The Cybertruck’s introduction to the public began with a display at Dubai Mall in front of the Dubai Ice Rink, followed by an appearance at the Mall of the Emirates. The vehicle has been touring various high-profile locations to celebrate its addition to the fleet, allowing the public to view and photograph the vehicle in different settings.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk responded to the news of the Cybertruck’s deployment with a simple “Cool.” on social media, which was further highlighted by a retweet from the Dubai Media Office, indicating the significant interest and endorsement from high-level figures.

For those interested in capturing a moment with this high-tech patrol car, head to Dubai Hills Mall this weekend. It’s a rare opportunity to see up close one of the most talked-about vehicles in the modern auto industry.

Event Details:

  • Venue: Dubai Hills Mall
  • Date: Until July 1
  • Opportunity: Photo sessions with the Tesla Cybertruck

This event is not only a showcase of Dubai Police’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations but also serves as an exciting attraction for residents and tourists in Dubai.


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