Experience fun like never before at Aventura Park in Dubai

Aventura Park
Exercises, amusement and rejuvenation await you at Aventura Park

Dubai residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities. Our latest go-to place has been Aventura Parks’ Chill Area that explodes with options to get that adrenaline pumping and endorphins going!

Films That Help You Feel Better Are a Real Thing!

Motion pictures are the most effective way to dispose of undesirable considerations, particularly when projected in nature. Aventura Parks’ new Chill Area will assist you with doing exactly that. It has a film projector introduced for film treatment and the experience of watching a movie in nature will undoubtedly be enhanced.

A Playful Treasure

Children and grown-ups can play an assortment of games including chess, checkers, monster Jenga, bocce ball, spasm tac toe, cards, and oar badminton in the Chill Area. It is intended to animate and engage minds, all things considered. Tabletop games are extraordinary cerebrum exercises since they assist you with tackling issues, decide, and foster recollections.

They benefit emotional wellness, especially youngster psychological well-being and they additionally decrease tension and stress. A psychological exercise is accomplished by playing open air sports like badminton or bocce ball. It’s additionally an incredible method for moving away from life’s burdens and tensions with loved ones.

Foosball Table

Unwind and recharge in the exceptional Chill Area. AED 2 tokens for a serious round of Foosball where you can invest energy with your loved ones, giggling and partaking in the game, as well as contending. Tabletop foosball is an extraordinary method for getting fit as you continually improve your blood course by playing foosball. It likewise supports discussion, permitting players to work on their interactive abilities and confidence.

Chill at Aventura Park

For sustaining, fortifying actual wellbeing, and working on mental capacity over the long haul, nature is an absolute necessity. Investing energy outside and enjoying fun exercises could assist with easing pressure. Aventura Parks gives simply that. You’ll need to take your companions back to this outside experience park whenever you’ve encountered all of the fun and excitement it has to offer.

For more details or to make a booking, visit aventuraparks.com or follow @aventuraparks


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