Dubai’s Moonslice and Mudhouse Studio Blend Pizza and Pottery in Candlelit Workshop

Unique event combines gourmet pizza tasting with hands-on ceramic class

Dubai's Moonslice and Mudhouse collaborate

Moonslice, Dubai’s acclaimed gourmet pizzeria, is teaming up with Mudhouse Studio for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. On June 27, the two venues will host a candlelit ceramic workshop, blending the art of pizza-making with the therapeutic practice of pottery.

The three-hour event, priced at AED 250 per person, promises an evening of creativity, relaxation, and culinary indulgence.

Participants will have the opportunity to mingle and share ideas over a selection of Moonslice’s renowned pizzas before diving into the hands-on ceramic class led by experienced potters from Mudhouse Studio.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Mudhouse Studio on this unique event,” said Sara Ahmed, co-founder of Moonslice. “Not only will guests get to enjoy our signature pizzas, but they’ll also have the chance to tap into their creativity and mindfulness through the art of pottery.”

Dubai’s Moonslice and Mudhouse collaborate

The highlight of the workshop will be the wheel throwing technique, a fundamental method in pottery that involves shaping clay on a spinning wheel. Participants will learn the basics of ceramic creation while engaging their senses of taste and touch in a truly immersive experience.

“Pottery has a way of calming the mind and promoting self-expression,” said Alia Khaled, owner of Mudhouse Studio. “Combined with the flavors of Moonslice’s gourmet pizzas, this workshop promises to be a sensory delight for all attendees.”

The candlelight setting will add to the serene and reflective nature of the event, encouraging guests to embrace their creativity and mindfulness in a tranquil atmosphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned potter or a curious beginner, this collaborative workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of culinary art and ceramic creation. With limited spots available, early reservations are highly recommended.

To book your spot or for more information, click here or follow @moonslicepizza on Instagram.


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