Dubai Courts Announces Newly Simplified Travel Rules for Divorced Parents with Children

Dubai Courts announces changes to divorce laws. Image: Unsplash

The Dubai Courts have introduced new guidelines that streamline the process for divorced parents seeking to travel outside the United Arab Emirates with their children.

The revised rules aim to remove administrative hurdles and bureaucratic obstacles, making it easier for custodial parents to embark on trips abroad with their children. This initiative aligns with Dubai’s “Social Agenda 33,” a comprehensive roadmap designed to enhance the community’s well-being and quality of life over the next decade.

Previously, divorced parents faced a multistep process that included obtaining a judge’s decision, securing a sponsor’s approval to ensure the child’s return, and requesting an exemption letter from the Criminal Investigation Department to temporarily lift a travel ban.

Under the new procedure, the requirements have been simplified. Parents must still obtain a judge’s permission to travel with their children and have a sponsor guarantee the child’s return.

However, the travel ban on children will now be lifted through the Freedom Restriction System, eliminating the need for an exemption letter.

Upon the family’s return and re-entry into the country, the travel ban on the children will be automatically reinstated, and the sponsor’s travel ban will be lifted.

Divorced parents can initiate the process by submitting a request to register a file, specifically an “order on a petition – permission to travel with children for a specific period.”

The Dubai Courts’ initiative aims to achieve family happiness and cohesion while ensuring access to quality housing, healthcare, and education. It also aligns with the emirate’s commitment to promoting a tolerant and nationally-rooted society.


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