For the first time Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena will be transformed to an ice rink

Coca-Cola Arena

International Ice-hockey and musical on ice at Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena

Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena will be transformed to an ice rink for the very first time. The arena will host a three day Dubai ice show. Ice hockey fans would witness high profile game of the global professional ice hockey league Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Theatrical fans will enjoy a unique performance by world-famous Olympic figure skating champions at the Coca-Cola arena

The organisation of the event is further testimony to Dubai’s rising status as one of the world’s most prominent and safest destinations for international sporting and entertainment events.

The Dubai Ice Show will feature a regular game of the current season of KHL, the premier professional ice hockey league in Europe and Asia.

On 04th and 05th December, fans will be able to see the Sleeping Beauty ice show. This would be an exciting theatrical performance directed by Tatiana Navka, the Olympic champion in figure skating.

Tatiana Navka and another Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova will be the main female roles in the musical on ice performance.

The organisation of the Dubai Ice Show will be the first step towards achieving this strategic goal.

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