Careem Launches Dubai Resting Areas and Provides Free Drinking Water for Delivery Captains During UAE Summer Heat

Careem Dubai
Careem launches new initiative to help riders cope with scorching UAE summer heat

Ride-hailing firm Careem has implemented several initiatives to assist its Dubai food delivery drivers, known as captains, in coping with the harsh working conditions during the UAE’s hot summer months.

One of the key measures taken by Careem is the establishment of shaded resting areas with air conditioning and free drinking water at captain support centers across Dubai. These locations include Dubai Media City, Al Quoz, and the Pakistan Association Dubai.

“We regularly check in with our captains to understand the unique challenges that they face because we view them as valued partners. The summer months are a particularly challenging time for delivery work, and every year we conduct a focus group related to working in hot conditions to identify how we can best support,” said Careem CEO Mudassir Sheikha.

Dubai summer Careem initiative
The Careem initiative includes mobile air-conditioned buses and shaded resting areas for drivers in Dubai

In addition to the resting areas, Careem has provided mobile air-conditioned buses that will offer captains places to rest and rehydrate between jobs in various areas of Dubai.

All Careem captains working in the UAE will receive summer kits containing water bottles and towels. They can also obtain additional water and fresh fruit at Careem’s Quik grocery stores free of charge.

“This summer, we’ve collaborated with partners to create air-conditioned and shaded areas and mobile buses that provide relief from the heat at locations that are most useful for all delivery captains in the UAE,” Sheikha added.

Furthermore, the company has arranged discounts for captains on meals at restaurants and is working with merchants to shorten wait times for food orders over the summer.

Earlier this year, Careem gave top-performing captains fully paid trips for Umrah in Ramadan through partnerships with Umrahme and Emirates Islamic, recognizing their efforts and commitment.


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