Explore the history and rich cultural heritage of Dubai at this museum

Al Shindagha Museum

Witness the treasures of Emirati heritage

An engaging and interactive way to introduce the world to the Emirate’s history and cultural heritage. Al Shindagha Museum is launched to enrich the knowledge of residents and visitors. The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority ( Dubai Culture ) in partnership with ‘ Secret City Trails ‘ and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai ( Dubai Tourism ) launched Al Shindagha Museum.

Lisbon based start-up ‘ Secret City Trails ‘ specialises in designing fun and interactive games to inspire people to get out and explore their cities. They will collaborate with Al Shindagha Museum’s team to create the Dubai Cultural Treasures Discovery Trails. This will be an interactive discovery experience which will have visitors solve problems, answer questions related to the site and learn unique stories about the Emirati culture.

Secret City Trails and Dubai Tourism will offer an engaging experience to allow museum visitors to explore the area, its houses and galleries in a fun and unforgettable way. Thus deepening the understanding of the rising generations of the past and its relationship to the contemporary Emirati identity.

Anyone can access the experience through their smartphones, without having to engage with any other
device, and the experience can either be enjoyed in groups of up to five people or individually.

Based on its cultural mission, yone and stimulating feelings of pride and national belonging in them


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